This year for Valentine’s Day I thought I would write a blog that wasn’t about Valentine’s Day…or my lack of a boyfriend…or the fact that I avoid the pink and red aisle until just after midnight every year when I buy myself a discounted box of chocolates at CVS.

This isn’t a blog about all the guys who’ve disappointed me over the last year…(ok guy) nor is it about how incredibly over fished the dating pond in my town is.

It isn’t about how I’m surrounded by incredible single women I call friends, women who I would snatch up in a minute were I so inclined. Women I wish the guys in this area would appreciate and cherish like they should.

It’s not about the ones who’ve broken our hearts or the ones we wished we would have given a chance to break our hearts.

It’s not even about the fact that I’ve done a lot of growth this year and am actually dating. For reals. And he’s handsome and courting me and a perfect gentleman. He’s not the only one I’m chatting with either. Yes folks I have joined the world of online dating and it’s glorious.

And now that I’ve spent half my blog telling you what my blog isn’t about, I’ll get to the point and tell you what it is about.

This blog is about Love and what Love has to do with Relationships.

We live in a world where most people expect to feel love for the person they share their life with and yet so many people struggle with figuring out what love is.

Think about how people describe love or their most romantic versions of love.

“My heart literally stopped.”

“I can’t stop thinking about him.”

“She took my breath away.”

“I just felt a spark.”

Think about if your heart actually did stop every time you saw the object of your affection or you lost your breath or caught on fire from that spark.

Don’t give me a death throes version of love. That buzz never really lasts anyway does it? And those I’ve felt the tingly version of love for have usually absolutely crushed my heart right after making it stop.

What’s actual love got to do with any of that anyway?

Give me a love that’s constant. Give me a good friend who makes me laugh. Give me someone patient and kind and fun.

I want a best friend sort of love.

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