Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we originally picture them. And I’ve found, over time, that when faced with a shift, there’s always purpose.

Sometimes, the universe realigns in your favor or in the favor of someone else. And sometimes that realignment can be in the guise of disappointment, inconvenience or even heartache.

I had a realignment very recently.

I was visiting my mom and working from her house. I’d worked throughout the day and it was mid afternoon and I had the urge to spend some quality time with my mom. So, I went out into the living room and said, “Hey do you want to go and get pedicures?”

Mom has been teaching me, through example, the lesson of seizing moments and so she immediately said, “Absolutely, I know of a new place. Let’s go try it out!” She had about an hour and a half until her and Papa were going to a friend’s house for dinner and we thought that would be plenty of time.

We got to the new location and discovered they had quite a long wait and that wouldn’t work with the time we had available. So, we decided to head to another place, further to the west. We arrived there and were told we could get right in.

We had just settled our feet into the warm, bubbly water and leaned back against our delicious massage chairs when the pedicurist heard my mom’s phone ring. Mom answered the phone and it was Papa whose brakes had just gone out on his car, a little further west of where we were.

Mom offers to let me continue and come back and pick me back up but my purpose wasn’t a pedicure, my purpose was time with mom and I told her that we could both come back later. So, feet still damp, we head out to the car, promising the ladies we’d return the following day

On the way, we get another call from Papa asking us to bring $200 since the mechanic he uses is new and doesn’t have the credit to get parts without paying for them up front. Mom only has $40 in her purse and wonders if she should go back home to get the rest or stop at a bank. But it’s ok, I just happen to have $160 in my purse that I’d taken out before my trip home. Which is good, because we’re almost there.

When we arrive, Papa collects the cash, pays the mechanic, hops in the car and we head home.

Three people, in a car, on a road, at a time of day that wouldn’t have occurred had it not been for that specific chain of both inconveniences like the brakes and pleasant realizations like the discovery of cash in my purse.

And as we continue down the road, we notice a man lying prone on the sidewalk, next to his bike, not moving.

It appeared that two other cars were turning around to help and we wonder for a moment if we should stop or continue on. At this point Mom and Papa were definitely going to be late for their dinner.

But the man isn’t moving and Mom is a nurse and we have to stop.

Papa immediately dials 911 while Mom turns the car around and pulls up behind the other two vehicles, turning her hazards on. The guy in the first vehicle is on his cell phone, likely on another 911 call. The lady from the second vehicle is headed out to the line of slowed traffic to try to locate a doctor or a nurse. The fallen man has come to and is trying to get up. A young boy watches everything, looking shaken.

And then like some smoothly working machine, Mom and Papa leap into action. Mom walks briskly past the woman saying, “I’m a nurse” and continues over to the man, calling back to Papa to find her a rag or something. Papa takes off his outer shirt and hurries over. I wait on the sidewalk to help direct the emergency vehicles when they arrive.

The man starts to get combative and Papa is using all his strength to keep him from struggling and injuring himself further or injuring Mom who is applying pressure to the head wound. Blood is pooled around the man and now covering Mom and Papa’s arms. The other man who’d stopped is attempting to help Papa but he seems more concerned about not getting blood on him and the other woman is helping the boy contact his mother.

A driver, inconvenienced by having to go around our vehicles, yells at me as she goes by, “Find another place to park!” And I think to myself that she’s going to feel pretty terrible in about two more car lengths. when she sees the man surrounded by a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

The emergency vehicles arrive and my parents hand over their responsibility and head into the nearby hotel to wash up. It’s only in this moment that I realize the purpose of our entire afternoon of building inconveniences…

I firmly believe there is a pattern to this universe and we are all a part of this pattern. Sometimes, we are the weaver and sometimes we are woven. I believe that my parents are Superhuman. This belief hasn’t been shaken in my forty years of existence. I also believe in Karma and I believe that what you do to and for other people will come back to you threefold.

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