When you’re young you run for the pleasure of chasing or being chased. Hide and Go Seek is full of mystery and adventure and fear of being discovered. You’re rich just by passing out Monopoly money and you have magical powers just by saying you do.

The world is mysterious and you’re not sure what you’re going to be when you grow up but you are sure that you can be anything you want and that you will continue to chase, have adventures, lots of money and magic.

And then one day in the not so distant future, while simply walking down the street, you suddenly feel your knee hyper extend and you can’t bear weight. You have to call your best friend (who’s luckily just 2 blocks away at the bar you were headed to) and have him come and help you limp to the bar, where the friendly waiter provides you with a bag of ice and a shot because nobody has any Ibuprofen on them.

You are sure it’s a meniscus tear and you’re hesitant to see the doctor because of your rather large deductible for that overly expensive insurance you’ve been paying on for years. What’s an MRI going to tell you? It will either heal on it’s own or you’ll need surgery and you might as well ice, elevate and rest your knee and see if it will heal on it’s own rather than drop a grand or two on a doctor visit, a specialist visit and an MRI because none of them take Monopoly money.

Waving your magic wand doesn’t work, you have to commit to exercising everyday to build strength around the knee and you can’t drink because you have to really listen to what your body is telling you.

You also discover which guys you’ve been dating might be keepers and which ones are willing to come over and help you make cupcakes and keep you from going stir crazy.

And finally, you start to get stronger and you start to believe slowly that one day you might find yourself running again.

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  1. Very interesting and insightful…I enjoyed reading and learning more about you…and in the process it helped me to see some things in my life that I need to concentrate more on…and what exactly is important, for this I thank you…Dev

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