We live in a modern world.

And that means a lot of change in how we do things. Take dating for instance. We used to meet somebody, somewhere and there would be a connection. A shared joke. A shared laugh.

A shared look.

A moment that made them somehow stand out from the rest. And you knew they were going to ask you out and you also knew you were going to say yes.

Now, in our modern world, we have online dating.

Now we see someone’s profile and meet them through a list of stats and facts and fill in the blank answers and there is a connection. A shared interest. A shared text.

A shared penis picture.

A moment that somehow made them stand out from the rest. And you knew you were going to show their picture to your friends and laugh about it and wonder how they could have possibly thought you’d say yes.

And I realize in this modern world that men and women are very different.

That combined with the anonymity of talking at someone as opposed to with them, makes for a dangerous courtship. And because men are far more visual than women and they haven’t been able to check you out in person, they want to see you. And likewise, they assume you want to see them.

All of them.

What they don’t realize is that the penis alone isn’t a terribly attractive feature.

Far better to actually court me much in the same way as the past. Talk to me, find out what interests me, make witty comments that make me laugh. Then if I like you, I might find your particular penis very attractive.

But if it’s the first text you send me, then I’m sorry but I’m not saying yes.

And I wonder, much the same as I used to wonder at men who “cat called” women walking down the street, Does that actually work for you?

Does some woman somewhere say, “Yes, soul mate. There you are.”

I have my doubts…

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