As I stood amongst the grove of ancient Redwood giants, I felt more reverent than I’d ever felt in any church.  Empires have risen and fallen, gods have been born and died, plagues and enlightenment have come and gone all within the lifespan of these trees.

I’m awestruck and modern technology cannot capture this moment.  A selfie doesn’t depict the scope and breath of this forest.  All I can do is flag down a couple and ask that they take my photo in front of one of these beasts.

I see a fallen tree has become a shrine of carved initials and messages and I furtively take out my knife.  I’m consumed by the need to leave a note of my existence, knowing it will likely outlive me here in this forest.  And so I carve the initials of my boyfriend and myself, like so many other couples have before us.  A little cliche but I didn’t add the heart so I felt somehow mollified.

Tomorrow I start a leg of my journey that I’ve always fantasized doing, driving along the coast of California, first for Napa and then for LA.  I can’t wait to lazily sip wine on imagined hillsides and listen to the rush of waves along the shore.  I’m ready for warmer weather and some fun in the sun.


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